No special talents or abilities

That was what it said. Right there in black in white. The words were unmistakable.

No special talents or abilities.


Not one good quality could be brainstormed to write for her on this Referral Letter for adoption.

But I knew differently. I knew that was a lie. I knew that she had love, motivation, and independence unknown to most little seven year old girls, especially ones who had seen and endured all that she had in her short time on earth.

I knew she could clean up and rediaper a soiled baby, for she had told me how often she cared for one.  I knew she was eager to help with any and all household chores and she worked diligently. I knew she was the first person who would run to help clean up a mess that she didn’t even make. I knew that her strong compassion for others meant that if someone was crying, she would be there to hug them. I knew she had a knack for languages and was quickly picking up a new one. I knew she could outrun some of her brothers and had determination and grit in learning new skills such as ice skating, that rivaled the boys.

Those are only a brief listing of the talents and abilities I learned from a mere four weeks with this young child. How could this adoption referral not recognize her talents?  How could this adoption referral not recognize her abilities?  How could it be that in her seven years not one positive thing could be shared about this lovely girl?

The other night I watched the movie “Noah” for the first time.  There is a part towards the end of the movie where Noah is talking to Ila, a girl they had found alive amidst her burning, pillaged village where everyone else laid dead. They took Ila in and raised her as their daughter.

Noah says to Ila, “When we took you in I thought you would be burden. But I was wrong. You are a gift. Never forget that.”

And I burst into tears. Yes.

Yes, my sweetheart, you ARE a gift.

You ARE valuable.

I see your talents and abilities and I celebrate them with you.

Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful gifts you have given me in these sweet children of Yours. AMEN!



47 thoughts on “No special talents or abilities

    1. I am so happy this touched your heart, Rick. You are absolutely right. THIS is what kids looking for families are often up against. A short summary statement that is supposed to tell someone who that person is, with a photo, if lucky. So sad. These children are SO MUCH MORE than a blurb and a photo. They are children of God –deserving of a family. Each and every one of them!


  1. A beautiful young girl, and a wonderful post about her! That she exists according to the will of God and is a blessing to those with whom she comes into contact is a talent she possesses! She is beautiful…


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      1. I guess because I don’t have a lot of these emojis, all I get when people send them is a square box…at least with things other than a happy face… 😦

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  2. Very beautiful post! This tells everybody that there is so much more in any simply human being. It is great you are appreciating this kid’s qualities and that could certainly lead to development of new talents and way more abilities because most likely she never had such chance before: to bloom and to grow.
    I was about to post something new, but maybe tomorrow. Thanks from

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Inese. You are so right in your comments. Another friend of mine shared that with love all flowers will bloom. I like that. It is like what you have said. She is certainly blooming here and we get the honor of watching. 🙂 I will have to come visit your blog! 🙂 Take care!


  3. “it is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. what is essential is invisible to the” -The Little Prince. inspiring and heartwarming ❤

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