Around the Worldpress Amazing Race

Hello friends! We have been invited to join in an amazing “Around the Worldpress” race with fellow blogger at Cyranny’s Cove.  She made these fun little critters and thought up a race to see who could get their critter to travel more miles/kilometers around the world. Being a homeschooling mom with children who are fascinated by my blog’s stats, especially the ones showing all the countries where I have readers, (THANK YOU AMAZING READERS!) I thought this would be a fun project to include the kids on to see how far we can get #TeamOwl to travel. (You can see Mr. Owl in the photo below!)


#TeamOwl originally came to us from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA. I know the overall point is total miles/kilometers, but I would like to twist it to see how many actual different countries we can hit. The children and I are are going to pin a world map with every country we can send #TeamOwl to, and learn some facts about each country #TeamOwl visits. So far, we have #1. Canada #2. USA. Next stop up is #3 Latvia. Could you be next?

Would you be willing to play a part in our Around the Worldpress Amazing Race, or know someone who would?

It is quite simple.  Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Send me your address (or the address of your friend/family member who has already agreed) in my contact page (this will keep it private).
  2. I will send #TeamOwl to YOUR country (or the country of a family/friend who has agreed to join in).
  3. Once #TeamOwl has arrived, please visit this link and let us know, as well as Cyranny’s Cove, who is logging all the miles.
  4. If you are SUPER DUPER cool, take a photo or two or three with #TeamOwl in your country and send them to my email and/or a few facts about your country and I will include them on my blog posts.
  5. I will write a blog post every time #TeamOwl travels to a new country and will include your photos (if you allow), facts, and if you are a fellow blogger, I will link to your site also.

I am very excited to start this project with the kiddos.  Maybe #TeamOwl will travel the world. Maybe he will only visit a country or two…it’s all up to you my friends. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, and the cost of a postage stamp (#TeamOwl is very small and very light).

If you are IN – then comment, send me your address, and LET THE RACE BEGIN!  🙂 (we are already quite behind since we were gone to Latvia…here are some of the critters on the move already!


#TeamDonkey otherwise known as “jack”

#TeamMonkey otherwise known as “moe”




And again, to follow the race, visit Cyranny’s Cover link here, which is following them all by map!

I want to thank all my readers out there!  It is amazing to me see how many different countries my blog touches. It is inspiring. Help me share that inspiration of how big our world really is with my kiddos, and come join in some fun with us for the cost of postage stamp!  🙂


30 thoughts on “Around the Worldpress Amazing Race

  1. This is a really cool idea! I know what you mean, it’s fun to look at the stats and see all the different countries of visitors. WP makes the world smaller in a certain sense. Excited to see how far Team Owl goes!!

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  2. I think this might be fun, but I just don’t have the time to give to the project. I’m always fighting just to keep up with things! I know…weak excuse…and I’m sorry, but its the truth. I will root on #TeamOwl…


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      1. Yes, I was confused…I’m in California! You don’t want me in the group…BTW, I’ve read every one of you’re posts! I can’t support you as you support me!! So sorry…


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      2. California! We lived in Carlsbad for about 5 years while my husband was in the Navy, serving the Marines. Loved the weather, hated the traffic! I wish I could get to the bottom of everyone’s blogs!!! Thanks, Steve!

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      3. Yep, it doesn’t take too long to become an enemy of our traffic! It was recently rated the worst congestion in the world! It is bad…but THAT bad? Well, maybe.

        The weather is pretty mild compared to most places in the nation. If I may ask, what state do you live in now?

        And you do a good bit of reading on my blog. If you are like this with the majority of others, you’ll soon drain all we have to offer…hehe!

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      4. You are pretty busy right now, Christina, and what you do is important work with those kiddos! Tend to them and just read as much as you can. I know I understand…besides, you support my site very well!

        Steve 🙂

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      5. Thanks, Steve. Yes, it is important work with the kids and I have needed to recently really focus on them. Hence my lack of presence on WP lately, but all worth it! Slowly I hope to get on more again! Christina

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      6. I hope to see more of you on WP, but your kids come first. You take care of your precious children…they need mom and dad!

        Steve 🙂

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