Friends, don’t be shy— join our Around the Worldpress Amazing Race

This is my ten year old checking out my different blog stats. He discovered and showed me something new today– how to find my “all time” stats. I thought I could only view them by year or day. Thanks, kiddo!

As you may already know, we are participating in the Amazing Around the Worldpress Race created by Cyranny at Cyranny’s Cove.  We are trying to send Mr. Owl of #TeamOwl to as many countries as possible. Our all time stats, that my smartie pants found for me, indicates this blog has touched the fingers of people across 77 different countries overall!

I am honored and amazed. We even discovered we can download the data and print it easily!  So fun!  We are going to mark each country on our world map! 

My smartie pants checked the stats for yesterday’s blog post introducing our race and discovered we had readers from the US, Philippines, Turkey, India, Latvia, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Ghana, Switzerland and Romania.

How cool is that?



The power of the internet to take our large world and bring it to the fingertips of each other is fascinating.

There is plenty of time as we begin this journey with #TeamOwl to join in and share your country with my kiddos!!! Just drop a comment or leave a message on my contact form. We are all excited for the journey Mr. Owl is about to embark on.

So far Mr. Owl of #TeamOwl has reached two countries

  •  1. Canada
  •  2. USA

Tomorrow he embarks on a long journey to

  • 3. Latvia
  • 4.  China
  • 5.  Switzerland

Who is going to be our next countries?  Could it be YOU?!?!  Please join us! 

28 thoughts on “Friends, don’t be shy— join our Around the Worldpress Amazing Race

    1. Hi, Jolie! When I click on my stats button, on the right side it shows countries. There are other buttons you can push around with on there to show you by date, year, or all time, as well as a bunch of other things I am still learning…LOL! I should send my 10 year old over, he understands it better then me! ha ha!

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      1. When I first got my iPad and couldn’t figure it out, someone suggested I let my 5 yr. old grandson show me and sure enough, he did. He had not problem navigating it plus he added a few games he could play. LOL

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      2. Is there a trick to find the name of the person who is blogging? I was reading your about page and you remind me of my daughter in law, who has all the same credentials. She and my son are foster parents and recently adopted just one of their children. They have and two naturally born children and one is autistic. The other was a drug baby, the same age as my autistic grandson.

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  1. I don’t know how many countries I’ve gone into, but some days it could be 7-8 different ones, and other days just 2-3. I will look at my all time stats and see how many have looked at my site…


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      1. Maybe I will some day. You know they have a widget which allows people to show the number of countries who have read their blog, which you can post in the sidebar of your blog…or at least they used to.

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      2. Oh well…at least we know just how many people have visited from different countries around the world. That’s amazing! It’s why I can say I’ve spread the gospel message to many nations. And you have shared many thing with many people all over the globe too!

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