YOU ARE YOU!!! (by my 10 year old)

You are you and so what if you are not “normal”.  What is normal anyway? If everyone was normal everyone would be the same.So it’s ok if you are not normal. You are you and God made you unique. He gave you good things and bad things. It does not matter if you are short or tall, smart or dumb, strong or weak. God made you special. Don’t try to change that. And everyone, yes EVERYONE, has a purpose. If something bad happens to you, later you might find out that it helped you. So yes, everything good and bad has a purpose in God’s plan for you.


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29 thoughts on “YOU ARE YOU!!! (by my 10 year old)

  1. You and your children are truly blessed with who our heavenly Father has made you to be.
    Thankfully, we can look at others with the eyes of His Spirit and love, watch and pray and rejoice that He is conforming us all to the image of His Son.

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  2. Love that! And so true, we have to take our masks off, especially when we come together as believers. The church needs to heart this! You’re son is very wise!! Much more so than any 10 year old I’ve ever met!!

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  3. Such wisdom! Refreshing to read such thoughts from a mind which is obviously years ahead of his age!

    Thank you very much for sharing…


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  4. Awesome post! It is so true that God has made us unique in our own way! Being different makes us an individual without a difference we would all be the same, which wouldn’t be fun. I’m sure many people were moved and touched by this post! Sometimes we fail to realize how much our children truly know. God bless!

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