Mr. Owl in Switzerland!

We have been participating in the Around the Worldpress Amazing Race with some fellow bloggers. The race began from the genius idea over at Cyranny’s Cove. So far, Mr. Owl has traveled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA to Xitang, China, and now has made his way to my dear childhood friend in Lugano, Switzerland. My friend Shawna, and her daughter Sylvia, have written some lovely letters to share with us along with some fascinating photos!  There are four parts to Mr. Owl’s journey and we begin with Part One today. ENJOY!

Hello from Switzerland!!!
Mr. Owl has been here for a couple of days and we are having a great time! That is Sylvia holding Mr. Owl. switzerland1We live in Lugano, Switzerland. It is a beautiful place with a pretty lake and mountains all around.


In Switzerland it is already very nice outside, and there are flowers all around.


There are many statues and sculptures. Who is this guy?


There are many beautiful churches. Here is one that is close to Sylvia’s school.


Part 2 is next with more fun information about Switzerland!Switzerland2

Your friends,
Shawna and Sylvia

We continue to look for more people to join in our fun race. If you would like to have Mr. Owl visit your country, please don’t be shy, just leave a comment below or message me through my contact form, and we will arrange for him to visit YOU.

29 thoughts on “Mr. Owl in Switzerland!

  1. Hi, Christina. So you live in Switzerland? Or did I just read that wrong? Wow! It’s so good to hear from you!! How have you been? How’s the entire family? Let me know how the trip was…


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    1. No, no, no I live in Michigan. My friend lives in Switzerland and we sent Mr. Owl to her on his amazing around the Worldpress Race. She is the one who has been writing the letters and sending the photos! ;-). We are all doing well over here, although busy. We took 2 1/2 weeks off when we were visiting family in Florida, and so I have had to buckle down upon our return to get back on our school schedule. We had a lovely time in Florida, visiting family and friends, and enjoying some much needed sunshine! I hope that you are doing well?!? I saw you were in the hospital? Praying for speedy recovery! –Christina

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      1. Hi Christina! No, I got it now. I knew Switzerland didn’t sound right. I remember now you had said before you lived in Michigan. I’ll bet you had to buckle down on the school year. A lot of work to catch up on. But the Fl. sunshine was worth it, along with the family time. Yes, I was in the hospital overnight, but I’m better now. Thanks for asking about me! Steve

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      2. Thank goodness you are feeling better now. I know that is a terrible infection to have. The children have been great about buckling down for the school year. We will have a special visitor for 8 weeks this summer, as my adopted kiddos older brother will come and stay with us this summer. SO- they would much rather we finish our curriculum by buckling down now, than having to finish it this summer while we have our guest. 😉

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      3. Oh how fun that is for everybody! You bet those little ones will be studying to get through things so they will have time with their brother. Is he good at several conversations at once?…hehe…

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      4. Oh yes, I was always the one to wrestle with my kids and then with the grandkids until my back has given out. Aw well, the kids are grown and the grandkids are getting older now too.

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