Mr. Owl’s Switzerland Journey – Part 2

We have been participating in the Around the Worldpress Amazing Race with some fellow bloggers. The race began from the genius idea over at Cyranny’s Cove. So far, Mr. Owl has traveled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA to Xitang, China, and now has made his way to my dear childhood friend in Lugano, Switzerland. My friend Shawna, and her daughter Sylvia, have written some lovely letters to share with us along with some fascinating photos! There are four parts to Mr. Owl’s journey. You can view Part One here and today we continue with Part TWO. ENJOY!

Hi again!

Switzerland’s flag looks like this-


The money here is called Swiss francs and is abbreviated chf. One, two, and five francs are coins.


Paper francs start at ten; they are all colorful and pretty.

Here is the view from our apartment balcony. The mountain on the right is called San Salvatore.


Here is a pic from the top.


In the next part we have a small surprise in store:)


Your friends in Switzerland

We continue to look for more people to join in our fun race. If you would like to have Mr. Owl visit your country, please don’t be shy, just leave a comment below or message me through my contact form, and we will arrange for him to visit YOU.

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