Mr. Owl’s Switzerland Journey Comes to an End – Part 4

We have been participating in the Around the Worldpress Amazing Race with some fellow bloggers. The race began from the genius idea over at Cyranny’s Cove. So far, Mr. Owl has traveled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA to Xitang, China, and to my dear childhood friend in Lugano, Switzerland. My friend Shawna, and her daughter Sylvia, have written some lovely letters to share with us along with some fascinating photos! There are four parts to Mr. Owl’s journey in Switzerland. You can view Part One here, Part Two here, Part Three here, and today we enjoy the final, Part Four. ENJOY!

Hello again!!
It has been super fun to have Mr. Owl hang out with us, but he had to go on to the next place on his itinerary! I am going to miss this little owl, so I gave him a kiss goodbye. 🙂

Before he left he saw a picture of some kids he knows…….

He is all tucked in and ready to go!


So we say goodbye from beautiful Lugano, Switzerland.


Love in Christ,

Below shows the course that Mr. Owl has taken around the Worldpress so far. He has travelled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA; from Michigan, USA to Xitang, China; from Xitang, China to Lugano Switzerland; from Lugano, Switzerland to Campione, Como, and Varese Italy and then back to Lugano, Switzerland. This adds up to a whopping total of 12,177 miles/19,597 kilometers. His next destination is Tokyo, Japan where he will visit a fellow blogger at Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus. We will see what Mr. Owl is up to in Tokyo in the next post. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 5.01.43 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-22 at 5.01.27 PM

We continue to look for more people to join in our fun race. If you would like to have Mr. Owl visit your country, please don’t be shy, just leave a comment below or message me through my contact form, and we will arrange for him to visit YOU.

8 thoughts on “Mr. Owl’s Switzerland Journey Comes to an End – Part 4

  1. Just wanted to say I so appreciate your support on my website! You are always reading and commenting and that’s soooo great! When you get a chance, tell me what you thought of “Muscle and a Shovel”…


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    1. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate your support as well. I would love to chat about the book sometime. It is quite dense and I have gone back and reread some parts, and continue to do so as I try to digest it. Perhaps an emailed conversation would be the better avenue to discuss. 🙂 I will try to shoot you an email through your contact page?

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