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Mr. Owl’s Surprise Visit to Italy! – Part 3

We have been participating in the Around the Worldpress Amazing Race with some fellow bloggers. The race began from the genius idea over at Cyranny’s Cove. So far, Mr. Owl has traveled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA to Xitang, China, and now has made his way to my dear childhood friend in Lugano, Switzerland. My friend Shawna, and her daughter Sylvia, have written some lovely letters to share with us along with some fascinating photos! There are four parts to Mr. Owl’s journey. You can view Part One here, Part Two here, and today we continue with Part THREE. ENJOY!

Hi there!
The surprise is that Mr. Owl went to another country! Italy is so close to where we live that we go there quite a bit. The first place in Italy that Owl went to is called Campione, it is a small village that is surrounded by Switzerland. Here are the flags-

It is a beautiful place.


Owl also went to Como, Italy with us for church on Sunday.


Alessandro Volta is from Como, and he invented the battery. Just think about how much his invention has effected the whole world!!!


In Italy, the money is called euros.


The last place Owl went with us in Italy was to a shelter in Varese. We went to see Jackie, a rescue dog. Maybe you guys could say a couple prayers that Greg will let Jackie live with us:). Isn’t he a cute little guy?


We have been having some cool adventures with Mr. Owl, but in part 4 we have to wrap it up and say goodbye so he can continue on his journey!



We continue to look for more people to join in our fun race. If you would like to have Mr. Owl visit your country, please don’t be shy, just leave a comment below or message me through my contact form, and we will arrange for him to visit YOU.