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Mr. Owl visits Tokyo, Japan

Hi Christina,

Mr. Owl made it to Tokyo and was sad to see that all the beautiful cherry blossoms, called Sakura, had blown off the trees just the day before… But, he found many other interesting things to explore:

First he visited our local international school K-12, CAJ or Christian Academy in Japan.


Next he found some other beautiful flowers along the street, but nobody here spoke much english and didn’t know the name of the flower…


But he didn’t let that stop his exploring:

He visited a shop known as “hyakuen” shop. Literally meaning 100 yen shop (dollar store…) and found some gorgeous hair stuff for girls.


Next, he found the best view of Fuji he could find. Unfortunately the clouds covered the great volcano but on a clear day, the photo he stuck himself to shows the view – literally – from this exact spot.


Very exciting, though a tad bit scary, so he rushed off to some genuine Japanese “conbini” (convenience store) bento lunches:


Far too much sushi, onigiri and nigiri rolls to choose from… oh, what is an Owl to do…

He got full and will be on his way to his next destination very soon. But he will need to take in some jetlag and fill his stomach with all sorts of other Japanese foods he would like to try, such as shabu-shabu, udon and nabe pot.
Greetings from Tokyo 😉

The children loved looking at the photos of Mr. Owl in Tokyo. They were especially intrigued with Fuji — A VOLCANO! Here are a few more things that the children wanted to share with the blogosphere. Mr. Owl coincided with the children learning a bit of Japanese history in their history book. They learned about the Yamato Dynasty, which united Japan and is the oldest dynasty in the world! The first Yamato emperor to rule was almost two thousand years ago and there is still a Yamato emperor to this day. The first Yamato emperors had a lot of work to do to unite all the differing clans back then, so they borrowed many ideas from China and Korea. However, they wanted to be considered equals with China and so they called themselves “The Land of the Rising Sun” and China was called “The Land of the Setting Sun” in an effort to say that Japan and China were equals.


The children’s history book also suggested we try making a Japanese meal, so we went for it. We made Osumashi -Clear Soup, Gohan -Rice, Goma-ae -Sesame Seed Dressing, which went on steamed green beans and Yakimono, this was how we prepared our steak. Cooking in the “yaki” method in Japan means that the dish has been cooked over a very high heat. This cooking method allows the outside of the food to get crispy and the inside juicy. We used the Beef Teriyaki recipe given, but one could use the “yaki” method to cook other types of meats, fish or vegetables.


We cut our steak into very small pieces and marinated them overnight. Then we skewered them and grilled them over very high heat. The children definitely loved the entire meal and we will certainly be adding this into the mix of menus for the kiddos!


We had such a wonderful time seeing Mr. Owl’s visit to our fellow blogger, Lene, over at Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus.  We are thankful that she was kind enough to participate in our little Around the Worldpress Amazing Race, which began as a genius idea over at Cyranny’s Cove. Mr. Owl has now travelled from Montreal, Canada to Michigan, USA to Xitang, China, to Lugano, Switzerland with a surprise visit to Campione and Varese, Italy and then Tokyo, Japan. PHEW!  He has sure been crisscrossing our world!  He has racked up an amazing total of 19, 113 miles or 30,760 km!  WOW! But he has only been to six countries (although he is on his way to a new country this very moment!) If you want to participate in our little Around the Worldpress Amazing Race by having Mr. Owl visit you in your country, just drop me a comment or message me through the contact form and we will send Mr. Owl to you. It is just the cost of postage on your part, and hopefully some photos before you send him on to his next destination.


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