When no one else cares, You always do.

When no one else will comfort, You are there.

When no one else strengthens, You are there to lift up.

When no one else listens, Your ears are always yearning to hear.

When no one else is offering help, You are there carrying me along.

When everything else fades away, Your love and promises remainΒ eternally.


34 thoughts on “Hope

    1. That’s awesome to hear that you first thought it was about a mom and then realized it was about God. You’re so right, they are such a similar relationship. We are told to call him Father. Thanks for sharing, NoPlateLikeHome! 😍


    1. Yes, He does. And I also think sometimes we are seeking that comfort and hope in other people and things, when really, it will only be quenched completely by Him. Thanks for reading, Rick. It’s always nice to hear your input! 😁


  1. Love , love , love. I will tell you a personal story; almost 6 years ago, I was fighting stage 4 liver cancer and to be honest, I recall thinking to myself, ” this is it Lord”. I don’t have any hope in the doctors ( something I believe I needed to be reminded of given the fact that even the best of doctors are used by God). The fading of this world right before my eyes, but I knew I could cling to His love that is eternal beyond my weak body.

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    1. Oh my, what a story and what a truth! He is he hope that we can cling to eternally! Thank you for sharing your personal story. I am so happy that you had (have) Him to cling to. I can’t imagine going through difficulties without our Almighty comforter, counselor, good Father.


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