The Power of a Love Note

After 21 years of writing and hiding notes for my oldest daughter, I was blessed to be the recipient of HER notes the other day. I found them when I was having a tough time. And oh my, it is truly uplifting, affirming and just plain lovely!!!!Who wouldn’t want someone to take the time to write a few nice things about you and then hide them for you to find?How would it change your day to find a note like this, encouraging you, appreciating you, inspiring you?Since it is Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to BE the LOVE around you. Perhaps today is the day that you could leave some love notes for the people in your life to find?!?! Simple, cheap, and leaves a HUGE impact!

45 thoughts on “The Power of a Love Note

  1. Keep those love notes as part of great memories. In this age of texting, it’s so refreshing to see someone making effort to WRITE it down on actual PAPER.Messages from the heart! Makes me think that stationery paper is in danger of going extinct. SIGH!

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  2. How precious are these! Isn’t it so fantastic to receive such adoration, especially from your children. Now suppose how God must feel when we praise Him so sincerely and completely!

    Good post, Christina…


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  3. This is proof of the incredible mama you have been!! You have taught her by example what love language you both speak! I love this!! Congratulations on doing an amazing job!! ❤❤❤

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  4. Hi Christina! How are things? Hope all is well with you and hubby and of course…the kids! Enjoy your day and again, thanks for your visits…


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