Your ways are not my ways…


Of course, Dear Lord, Your ways are not my ways. Your thoughts are not my thoughts. Some things are left a mystery until the end. 

Sometimes I cannot see, or even begin to understand, the why of a certain situation. I could drive myself crazy trying to figure it all out.

Luckily, I don’t have to. Because I have YOU to trust in. You to hold me. You to comfort me. You to guide me.

If I would only always remember to turn to You first. So quickly I forget. Every decision first to You. How fast I am to grumble, complain and cry out!

Forgive me Lord, when I close my fists instead of opening them in thanksgiving for all you have done for me. All for good. No matter if I see it that way or not right now.

Always You are faithful. Always You work for the good of those who love You, who have been called according to Your purpose. Thank you, Father.

And when I forget, forgive me. When I forget the power of the Holy Spirit, Mighty Counselor, lives in me.

In ME?!

How can I forget? How can I not listen? He is right here, always guiding, probing, directing.

It is ME who does not listen. It is me who denies. Me who questions. Me who ignores. Forgive me.

Help me to always trust.

Always depend on.

Always follow.

Always ask.

Always listen.

Always do.

Thank you, Father, for everything. The good and the bad that are molding me into who You want me to be. Help me to turn to You at the mountaintops and in the valleys. You are always there working it all for my good.

9 thoughts on “Your ways are not my ways…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your walk of faith! We have ” our way” and we have “God’s Way” . Sometimes on the surface or for a limited period of time, our way can seem ok. Then, at some point if the our way decision was not based on God’s Will, cracks begin to appear. I struggle to quiet myself in prayer to hear God’s Whisper. That is sufficient and all we need. We can then proceed with confidence that God’s Will is glorified! I appreciate you and your family sharing your faith journey!

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  2. Oh, add me to this list as well. I am always finding myself turning to other things when I should be praying to God. I pray for more of His will in my life, and more of His heart in my life, but I have a long way to go. Good reminder, Christina…


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