Things we say…

There’s a song by Hawk Nelson called “Words” and it has some powerful lyrics.  I think we often fail to realize the way our words can lift up or tear down.


Let’s look at these two different lists of sentences and see the power of words. Which list would leave the listener feeling better after the conversation has ended…?

  1. You sure have your hands full!
  2. You think you’re busy now, just wait!
  3. How do you manage?
  4. I could never do it!
  5. The laundry alone would be overwhelming!
  6. Your poor biological children!
  7. How do you feed them all?
  8. Aren’t you worried about them all as teenagers?
  9. How do you keep your house clean?
  10. How could you homeschool them all?


  1. You are doing a great job!
  2. I am proud of you!
  3. Your heart must be so full!
  4. I love your family!
  5. Can I babysit sometime so you and your husband can have a date night?
  6. Your children are learning so many great life lessons from this!
  7. I have some hand-me-downs if you could use them.
  8. Is there anything you need?
  9. It was a pleasure seeing your large family.
  10. I noticed this wonderful thing today about your child(ren).

Check out this powerful song by Hawk Nelson below, “Words”, and ponder how your own words impact those around you…



7 thoughts on “Things we say…

  1. It is so true that a number of people are left with a good or bad impression of us by the words we use. Of course people may wonder about how you keep up with the laundry, but that’s one of the least important points of parenting nine children!

    It’s much more encouraging and relevant to say things like you have a lot of love in your heart to give to these fortunate children! You need to be built up by others and revitalized by others in your lives. I’m sure you are already very familiar with the responsibility you have taken on…


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    1. Yes, Steve, you hit the nail on the head right there. We need to be built up. We are tired a lot of days and there is a struggle. As you said, we already understand the demands and we are already hard on ourselves. We need people rallying behind us and encouraging us along the way. We need friends to hold up our arms when we are tired so we can win the battle (Exodus 17:12). I’ll step off the soap box, or this could turn in to a post. Thanks for stopping by, Steve. Always appreciate your input! 🙂

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      1. I understand what you say…and you can lean here at any time. You will find hope and encouragement from me as you and your husband have done a great work in caring for these children! May I know yours and your husband’s first names?


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