Make sure it’s not last night’s pizza talking

About ten years ago, shortly after finding my way back to church after many years as a stubborn atheist, I remember hearing a sermon from my Pastor Larry Osborne of North Coast Church . He was talking about finding God’s will for your life. He said something that struck me as both funny and confusing at the same time.  He warned about evaluating when you are feeling the calling of God. He said something like, “make sure that what you are feeling isn’t actually just rumblings in your belly from the pizza you had last night.”

Everyone laughed, including me, but I remember thinking about that for a long time and here I am today still thinking about that 10 years later.

Back then I remember feeling like I didn’t quite understand what he was saying. Now that I look back I realize that’s because I didn’t relate to having this urging of God telling me to do something and needing to evaluate that. I honestly had never felt those urgings in my life up to that point. And to be honest, part of the reason why I never felt those urgings from God was because I believe I never sincerely asked for that.

I never sincerely asked God wholeheartedly to point me to where He wanted me to be.

It wasn’t until 10 years later when my faith had grown a whole ton that I truly began to pray those types of prayers earnestly. God use me to reach the brokenhearted. God mold me to be more like You. God I want to be your hands and feet in this world, show me where I am needed.

It can be really scary to pray those types of prayers sincerely. Where will He need me? What would He have me do? Will I be up to the task? What if I don’t want to do it?

Once I was led to the path of adopting my children I began to understand what my pastor had been teaching that day 10 years ago. He was explaining the deep discernment that takes place when you are about to make life changing decisions.

Is this truly God’s will, or is this just last night’s pizza talking to me?

Honestly for our adoption journey, it took a lot of sincere prayer, thought, and time to discern God’s will. It was not something we immediately felt we knew the answer to for sure.

As I described in my post the battle, it was honestly a heart wrenching decision for me in the end. This was so confusing to me because I felt so strongly convicted in the beginning. But journeys weave us through many mountains and valleys. I went from a high mountain into a deep valley and it was only through serious prayer that I was finally 100% sure that God wanted me to continue on this adoption path. He did not want me to fear. He wanted me to be brave.

So what is that 10 step plan to ensure that it is God’s will and not the pizza talking? I wish it were that easy! The only thing I can say is that He wants us to ask Him. He desires our communication with Him. He loves when we pour our heart out to Him like a child to a Father.  He tells us if we sincerely ask, He will answer. If we knock, the door will open. (Matthew 7:7-8, Luke 11:9-10).

He is just a prayer away, my friend!


18 thoughts on “Make sure it’s not last night’s pizza talking

  1. I think yesterday it was the pizza talking😂😂😂
    Seriously though, love it! This has always been my biggest struggle in my walk of faith…one that has brought me much humility.

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    1. I agree, it can be such a struggle. You saw the pains of my discernment process (and helped me along, I might add, with your perfectly timed Bible verses). All I can do is humble myself before Him and ask Him to show me the way, because on my own I’m walking blindly. And I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that it’s the pizza talking… 🎀

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  2. A very good post! I always pray that God’s will increase in me and my will decrease. I also pray for more of Jesus’ heart to be in my heart. This way, I hope to see more things in the same way as Christ does and can act in all things in the way He would want me to. Guess it’s my assurance that rumblings aren’t from the “pizza I had last night!”


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    1. Yes I agree I also do these things. I think we just need to be careful to take our time in discerning, because sometimes our own motivations, even subconsciously, can alter things… rationalizations, etc. can get the best of us! Thanks for reading and commenting. Always appreciate your input, Steve! 🙂

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      1. A very kind and intelligent reply…thank you so much! Yes, we do need to take some time to think about our life/spiritual plans. A prayer for true guidance doesn’t hurt either. And thank you for reading here and commenting. You have some very good things to say!


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